In Danger of Being Sentimental.

Writing a personal statement is difficult. Realising that i can’t revert to my usual sarcastic dry-humoured self with a touch of awkwardness is hard. Where is my fall-back? Why can i not get across my goofy lovable self. Part of this massive endeavor which we call growing up is straying away from our comfort zone in favour of expanding our knowledge and horizons. Quite simply- growing up is difficult. Staying awake not because you want to watch that last episode of Dexter but because you need to finish your coursework deadline, or your boyfriend is feeling down about his future, or your dog wont stop pawing at the door despite your best attempts to make him love you. Wait what?.. The truth is that as i grow up and i get more comfortable in my own skin, there is more growing up to be done. It’s like physically growing up is a metaphor for emotionally doing so. I have come to the sudden realisation that my 17 years 9 months and 28 days on this earth isn’t as much as I thought it was however i am already expected to make all those decisions that will stay with me for the rest of my life and that’s terrifying. But, i take solace in the fact that I- like so many other teenagers coming out of that ‘een‘ stage (be it seventeen eighteen or nineteen) are surrounded by people that love them and are here to cushion the hard reality of life and getting older. I guess i’m just posting to remind those people that i appreciate what they do;be they teacher or parent, friend or novio.

Many thanks 🙂