Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Recently my youngest brother had his fifth birthday. For me this gave me a real sense of how he was growing up and beginning to learn and do things for himself. This is a photo of a delicious cake that my father took the time to make for little Rafael as he is very fond of pirates as i’m sure many other five-year-old boys are.  For me this photo sums up the change that each new year brings and bestows upon our family.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Color- The Fallen One

Be nice guys its my first post! 🙂

The assignment this week was color (or colour if you’re english).

This is a photo from a memorial in Ypres, Belgium that I visited on a recent trip. Although this may not be the most technical photo in the world (the focus is not fantastic etc), it says a great deal about the emotions behind where we visited. The focus in this photo is on the poppy on the fallen cross. It perfectly resembles the humble soldier striding into battle his strongest weapon, bravery. And when even his most powerful weapon fails, it is engraved into the hearts and minds of all those that fought alongside him and those forever grieving, forever remembering.